attraction marketing how can you use it to grow your network marketing business

If you want to generate ANY type of success in your network marketing business, you need to learn and understand the concept of Attraction Marketing. I have been in the network marketing industry for six years and I have studied and used this concept to build my business. In this article you will discover what Attraction Marketing is and how you can use it to explode your business. This article is based upon my experience with Attraction Marketing having a clear understanding how this concept works and how to use it to explode your business.
So what is Attraction Marketing?
The concept is quite simple… To brand and promote yourself instead of your actual opportunity to have your prospects chasing you down instead of you chasing them. This concept is quite different from what we are traditionally taught which is pitch and chase techniques such as chasing friends and family, cold calling, passing out flyer’s, wondering around WalMart and shopping malls approaching random strangers, things like that.
When your building your business this way YOU are chasing after your prospects trying to sell them something and begging for their business. Well, it’s pretty common sense that people DO NOT like to be sold! I want you to reverse roles for a second and put yourself in your prospects shoes… If you are out shopping with your family do you want to be approached by someone trying to sell you and convince you to join a business opportunity? I know I wouldn’t want someone calling me every day trying to pitch me their business opportunity, would you? Of course you don’t, and neither do your prospects.
Simply put, people like to buy and they don’t like to be sold. Your prospects want to feel in control and when they are chasing you down for more information about your business, they feel in control and that’s what they want. When your prospects feel like they are in control, they definitely don’t feel like they are being sold! This is you being the hunted, not the hunter and that is what Attraction Marketing is.